Safety at Home – Starting Outside

Homeowner Tips, Security-Cameras

While examining safety in and around your house, don’t neglect safety measures on the outside of your house – to prevent an intrusion before it becomes reality.


Below are a few ideas for securing the outside of your home:


Pool Gates and Alarms

People with pools have a big responsibility to make them safe.  It’s easier now more than ever before to keep your pool protected, while protecting your loved ones from accidents.  Motion sensors and gate sensors, and cameras are the best ways to monitor activity in and around the pool.  Call EMC Security for your options.


Motion Sensor Lights

Outdoor motion lights are extremely popular because not only do they light your way when letting your pet outside, taking out the trash, or parking in your driveway, they also light up the yard if someone is creeping around.


Smart Locks

Ever leave the house and forget to lock the door or can’t remember if you did? Smart locks let you lock up from an app on your smart device. If you have kids who come home from school before you do, or frequent pet or baby sitters, look into smart locks to make your life easier. Smart locks also keep a log of when doors were opened, so you can see if anything out-of-the-norm is happening at your house.


Security Cameras

If someone is creeping around your property, you’ll want to know about it. That’s why security cameras are an awesome addition to any home. Install one on the porch to monitor packages and mail deliveries, and several around the perimeter to keep an eye out for criminal activity. One common misconception is to hide the cameras.  In reality, stats show if a thief spots a security camera, they will most likely move on to another target.  You want everyone to know if they trespass, they will be caught on video.


Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are a fantastic addition to your home.  They are in fact the most popular type of security camera on the market.  They function as a live streaming video with two-way voice and a surveillance camera. If someone can’t get in, you can physically see them at your house and decide whether or not to let them in. And if any criminal activity ever does happen, you’ll have it stored on the cloud.

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