Connect+ DIY Self-Install System Guide

Thank you for purchasing an EMC Security Connect+ DIY Self-Install System.
This page contains information and links to documents that will guide you through the equipment and mobile app set-up.
Step by Step Set-Up Video Instructions

If you have any questions or need help setting up the system, feel free to contact the Service Department at 770-963-0305 Mon – Fri 8am to 7pm.

Click here for written instructions.

Your Unique Login Information:
Username:  XXXXX (Provided in the email)
Password:  abcd1234


Change the User Code (4-digit code to arm/disarm the system) 

(choose one option below):

1.  Click this link.   Once there, please follow the instructions below.

  •  Login with the Username and Password above
  • After the login click on Contact list
  • Click on Manage Users
  • Click on the drop down box beside Select Panel
  • Select your name
  • Enter your new code where 1234 is now.
  • Click on Submit
  • Then your new code should work in about 30 sec.

2.  Use the app to change the code.  Your app can be set-up below.

If applicable, download the EMC Security app below.
Click on the image or link for the appropriate user guide and instructions.

Apple iOS